I’m your internal tour guide to help you create external magic in your life

4 Primary Principles of Desire Coaching

01 Everything is of Relationship
Everything can be seen as your co-created relationship with all experiences. This can include your relationship with your occupation, money, and sense of purpose; as well as your romantic relationships, family, and friendships. All relationships are a reflection of your relationship with self. We deepen connection wherever relationships are disconnected to create ease and flow in your life.

02 Change Happens from the Inside-Out
Your external reality is a reflection of your internal reality. We use your external “problems” merely as signs pointing to internal beliefs and perspectives that need shifting in order to allow more abundance and joy into your life. If you really “want” something we look at why you don’t want it at a deeper level. We work to expand your ability to receive so you can stop getting in your own way of all the goodness waiting to fill your life.

03 Desire as a Compass
Desire is a body-based communication that pulls us in a certain direction. A great majority of us have abandoned the inner knowing of our bodies. Often we feel lost, indecisive, and uncertain as a result of a disconnected relationship with desire. We work to help you trust your body again. This might include using your sexual life as a magnifying glass for your relationship with your body, pleasure, and what might need healing. You learn to access your inner knowing.

04 Coaching is an Alchemical Process
The medieval definition of alchemy was a forerunner of chemistry that attempted to covert base metals into gold. The more modern definition alludes to a magical process of transformation. In coaching we plunge into the depths of your shadows to retrieve pieces of self that have been abandoned. This includes facing some of your biggest fears, shame, and insecurities. We work to convert the darkness with love and light to experience wholeness of self. In darkness, lies our power, and we use power as fuel for movement in our lives.

My coaching isn’t for everyone

Who I work with: We either move from inspiration or desperation— either way, my clients are ready to move.

For those that are desperate, you know that you cannot emotionally afford to be living the life you have been. You have tried every healing modality and self-help source out there and still nothing seems to work. You have hit a personal type of rock bottom and you know having Desire Coaching will support you in a deep process of change.   

For those who are inspired, your live is good. In fact, to the outside world you have it made— the job, the partner, and all landmarks of success. However inside, you know that something is still missing. You dream even bigger and you hunger for more. You are inspired to have an exceptional life of deep meaning and passion.

My clients take responsibility for their own lives and know what they put into coaching they get out of it. They are ready to take risks, make big changes, and fulfill their deepest desires.

Leah took me through a transformational journey and brought many insights that I found both useful and fascinating. I would highly recommend her.
— Radhaa N.

Leah provided vital and key life-changing tools that I religiously work with everyday. They have given me the inner structure and guidance to do the inner work of removing those deep-rooted pains. Leah was able to help me illuminate the love and truth within me, to become whole once again. I now feel more confident in who I am as a person, and I can feel the magic within and around me.

I hands down would recommend working with Leah! Like a bee to the flower you will experience the undeniable experience of sweet raw honey dripping from the nesters of life that her coaching provides.
— Chelsey G

I currently am offering complementary 2-hour life-changing coaching session to those who are ready to fulfill their deepest desires. 


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