In this video, learn 5 easy steps to life hack your neuroticism. Leah will define neuroticism in a way you can more easily identify it within yourself. Then break down a trick you can use to alchemize your neuroticism into a source of power. 

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Leah Petrusich is a writer, speaker and Certified Desire Coach. She specializes in using sexuality as fuel for a more empowering, fulfilling, and creative life. She runs a NY Meetup group called "The Magic of Intimacy & Sexuality". She is currently pursing her PhD in Mythological Studies with an emphasis in depth psychology. She spends most of her time obsessing over philosophy, psychology, and occult knowledge. Tarot, yoga, meditation, astrology and kitties feed her soul. Exploring all things dark, shadowy and forbidden feeds her sense of adventure. 


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Leah Petrusich
Certified Desire Coach
NY, New York
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