Working with Leah Petrusich

One of the questions many people ask about coaching is what kind of results will they get out of it. Although each coaching package is custom tailored for every individual, I get really excited about sharing the results my clients have had. Below is list of some of my favorite testimonials I have gotten from recent clients.

Before I started my desire coaching with Leah, I often felt my life spiraling out of control. I was struggling off and on with depression and was failing in my relationship with my self, and my relations with intimacy. I was very glued down. I felt chaotic in the way I was moving around and was always running--truly trying to escape my emotions and passions! 
Leah provided VITAL and KEY life-changing tools that I religiously work with everyday. They have given me the inner structure and guidance, & helped me do inner work of removing those deep- rooted pains.  Leah was able to help me illuminate the love and truth within me, to become whole once again. I now feel more confident in who I am as a person, and I can FEEL the magic within and around me- 
Working with Leah helped me to create a sturdy foundation for me to build my life and my dreams on!
In the past I was very aggressive with myself because I had a very soft empathetic and feminine part of me that I saw to be 'weak'.  Leah has truly helped to save this part of me-  and now I use this part of me that I have shunned for so long and have turned it in to an asset!!  
Before my coaching experience, it was really hard to speak my voice.  I was stuck in expressing myself, -now, I have no problem asserting my self and now I can handle even more, heavy-leaded conversations- it has really helped me with my business and as a person in general. I am finally experiencing others in a more deep and relatable connection! I feel more empowered in who I am, and I love myself! I make clear decisions with a newly-calmed mind, that cater to my deepest desires. I now see myself as part of a breathing, intricate, magical web of life- intimately connected with others and with myself. 
Leah was able to help me so much because of her Unique and remarkable GIFT of really tuning in to the words, spells, and frequencies that we emit - she was able to "read between the lines" and listened with the heart and her being, not just to the words that were being said.  Leah worked her magic,  and was able to crack the code unlocking myself to parts that I had not accessed in a long time. It was so easy and comfortable working with Leah, and I was able to develop a deep trust within her and felt safe in her skills and techniques as a coach. 
Working with Leah was the best thing I have done for myself. The structure of meeting once a week was perfect for me and the best part was having support between sessions via text, phone, and e-mail. 
I received the best compliment ever from my aunt when she told me, "It was like I just met a nice young lady who just blossomed into womanhood".  I can only thank my Desire Coach, Leah for really pushing me past the line and for opening all of the doors and windows and magic that made miracles happen along the way : )

I now feel the inspiration to take what she helped me with, and pass on to others. Like a mirror for my eyes,  she woke me up to the healer within myself. Now  I embrace the courage to move boldly in the direction of my dreams and my desires to help others and to be of service. 
I hands down would recommend working with Leah!- You will know you-  like a bee to the flower you will experience the undeniable experience of sweet raw honey dripping from the nesters of life that her coaching experience and excellence provides. 

—Chelsey G., OR, USA

“Before coaching, I had great trouble believing in myself and my own powers. I never realized how strong my intuition is, and how helpful, because I had been raised to believe in my intellect, not my guts and my spontaneous, irrational impulses. After coaching, I have started to use my intuition as a tool all the time and I am amazed at how my way of experiencing the world has changed. My life is full of little miracles, now that I allow myself to see them.
Leah was a great listener and seemed to understand exactly what I needed at a given time in coaching. She reacted and responded spontaneously to each change of direction and mood during our talks. It was like journeying together, not like her giving me advice from a detached point. She was deeply authentic and caring and that made me open up and go deep down into the heart of issues in a way I hadn´t expected.
Leah changed my life within three months -- from a distance of 4500 miles. During this fascinating journey with her, I discovered one of the most precious things there is: the power of human intuition -- the power of turning your desires into reality, once you acknowledge to yourself what your true desires are. Thank you, Leah, for this magical experience that I will cherish forever.” 

—Heike B., Berlin, Germany

"Leah Petrusich, the Desire coach is the real deal. Before undergoing her coaching, I felt unsure of the direction of my life. There were numerous uncertainties and I knew something in my life had to change. After just two coaching sessions, it became very clear to me the path that I should take: launching my own business in the field of which I'm most passionate about: health and wellness. Her intuitive guidance in helping me navigate the shadows of my being was an experience of which I have never experienced and am immensely thankful for. Her heightened perceptive awareness of you creates a safe environment for one's soul to unfurl and begin the alchemy of reintegration. There is no doubt in my mind that anyone and everyone should try her coaching sessions. Thank you Leah for doing what you do. You are a true gift" 

—Diana Jia, Founder of High Vibrations, New York, NY USA

“Leah is amazing. I am super glad we worked together. Not only did she enable me to achieve my goals around desire and my relationship to desire, I felt seen, cared for and deeply held. What I get about Leah is that she is super intuitive and she deeply cares. You'll be in safe and very capable hands.” 

—C.W., San Francisco, CA USA

“Leah's integrity, wisdom and ability to listen deeply to my story has been immensely healing. Our sessions together have been an integral support as I learn to cultivate my intuition and show up for life with more presence and self-love. I also really enjoyed the homework component of our work together, it was helpful to go home with a task or intention each week that would help me incorporate what I discovered during our one-on-one.”

—Lia B., New York, NY USA

“Before I started coaching with Leah I was in the midst of an emotional storm. I was insecure, hectic, and generally out of touch with myself. I had this gnawing imposter syndrome that I didn't belong in both my workplace, as well as not being a good partner to my boyfriend. 

As soon as we began working with each other I immediately felt the weight being lifted of being able to fully express myself to someone who both deeply connects and listens. 

I was suffering in my current relationships with intense emotions of possessiveness, distrust, and jealously. I am now able to trust again and the intensity of my emotions has decreased immensely. I am in a loving relationship now, with a renewed sense of self confidence and a deeper inner knowing that I am worthy of love. I feel more true to myself, as well as a deeper awareness of myself and others. I trust myself now to resolve the big issues in my life and even make better decisions on a daily basis. 

Before working I was so consumed in my insecurities around my relationships, that now it is like I have stepped out of a thick fog with a new sense of inspiration and hope. I now am looking at things I never had the mental capacity to look at before, like my deep desire to create and express myself in my art. 

Looking back I wish I had recorded all of our sessions together. There was so many deep insights that sometimes I couldn’t even hear in the moment, a couple weeks later it would finally click with a huge aha of, “Oh, that is what Leah was saying!” I could drink from her pool of wisdom endlessly. As a desire coach she played so many different roles in my life, she was a friend, a mother, and a coach. She wasn’t afraid to call me out on my bullshit like only a close friend is able to do. Every session there would be a big life-changing eureka moment, and then homework, readings, and practices to go home and integrate the profound insights I uncovered. 

I highly recommend her if you are struggling with intimacy in your life, she has profound tools in clearing those inner blocks to love and fulfillment. “ 

—Raz S., Stockholm, Sweden

"Before beginning coaching with Leah I was in one of the roughest seasons of my life living in New York City. I was single, miserable, hating doing stand up comedy, and stuck in my desire to become a wizard. It felt magical meeting her since literally 2 weeks before I journaled that I really needed help, like a coach or mentor- and then boom, she emerged into my life.

As soon as we had our first 2-hour session nothing held me back from signing up with her. She was kind, with radiant energy, and did a good job on calling me out on my bullshit. She was genuine and caring, unlike other coaching I had met who felt like they were sticking to a script. 

She gave me permission to let go of the things that were no longer serving me and to do the things I really desired.

Our time working together felt like we were peeling back an onion, layer after layer, of what I thought I wanted down to what I truly wanted, getting clarity around my desires. She held a perfect balance of both pushing to my take risks and push edges, while giving me permission and approval to just be who I am. It felt amazing to have a support system to check in with around my personal projects, as well in my intimate relationships! I felt she helped guide me to a place of trust again within myself. Before coaching I would be really hard on myself around being productive and doing things I need to do, after I learned how to relax, enjoy myself, and do the things I want to do. 

I had a personal desire of becoming a wizard but it felt like a stuck ship that was sinking, but now the ship is sailing! I raised $2,000 for my book release, got it published, developed an incredibly fulfilling relationship sexually and emotionally, and now firmly established in my identity as a wizard, speaking and hosting different magic and ritualistic events! 

Leah was the concrete tool, a conduit, for all the spells I had been casting, to manifest my desires in the real world. The ferry man that helped me cross into the other world on my journey. After coaching I feel more present in my body, in the present moment, and in the flow of life. Leah taught me that growth can be exponential and dramatic, not just a far away dream.

I absolutely recommend working with her, especially with the pressure to have multiple larger than life roles placed on us today, it so useful and necessary to have someone help you undergo such deep transformation to fulfill such roles. Her ability to truly see me, reflect me, and to be a support to celebrate my accomplishments is priceless. The consistency of weekly coaching and the connection we formed was key for my growth and success."  

—Devin Person, Founder of Person Is Awake, Brooklyn, NY USA